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Take your Renovation to the next Level with Shutters or Blinds

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The difference between a frumpy home and a stylish one can often come down to your window dressings. Nothing screams daggy neglect like 1980s brittle curtains or grey office vertical blinds with broken pull cords. *facepalm*

Failing to update your window dressings while renovating could be a regrettable and costly mistake and knock off thousands of dollars on your property’s value. Whether you’re renovating to sell your property or to improve it, installing shutters or blinds can catapult your property’s value and appearance dramatically, without breaking the bank.


Dress To Impress! Why do Shutters or Blinds Matter?

Shutters and blinds are one of the most important choices in taking your renovation to the next level and ensuring it makes a complete difference to the functionality, aesthetic, saleability and comfort of your home. What’s more, shutters and blinds ultimately help you or the future owner of your reno to save money through less energy expenditure.

In the heat of summer, shutters and blinds can be adjusted to lessen the amount heat pouring in through your windows, for example making a significant impact on cooling down your house. During Winter, they act as insulation to prevent the heat inside from escaping.


Getting the Colour Right for Your Shutters or Blinds

Not just because of the aesthetic importance, consider that dark colours attract the sun, while light colours reflect it, so if keeping the heat out is the main purpose of your shutters or blinds, opt for the latter during your reno.

Additionally, the density of your soft fabric blinds (roller blinds, panel glide blinds, roman blinds) can also increase your cost savings. Ranging from translucent through to full block out, the denser your fabric weave, the more insulation you'll achieve from heat and cold.

Double layer blinds with one layer of blockout for night time use and another for translucent for day time use, also provides a clever, attractive and versatile option for giving you the ultimate sun and heat control and enhancing your renovation perfectly.


Budget Friendly Curtains

The curtain is a timeless window covering and ideal for renovations as the cost can be kept down and a wonderful range of atmospheres created with different sorts of fabrics. Want to create a whimsical, resort feeling in the living area? Use sheer full length curtains to create a resort vibe.

Also, if you have loud street noise to deal with at this reno, curtains can provide a solution to reducing it. Heavyweight curtains block the noise well because they are made with thicker materials and block out the noise.

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Privacy Improvements

Think about how shutters and blinds as part of your reno will enhance or improve privacy for every room in the house or apartment. Privacy creates a feeling of safety and security in the home. And if the room faces the street or the neighbour’s place or a public pathway, think about the level of privacy you’ll want to create as an renovation improvement for day and night use. Even if you love running around in the nude, your neighbours might not want to see it! You can also get external awnings or outdoor blinds to reduce glare and provide privacy to outdoor areas. Privacy screens are a fantastic way of providing privacy in a sleek, unobtrusive way and do a fantastic job of adding a thoughtful and attractive element to your renovation.

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Indoor Blind Trends to Enhance your Reno

Window dressing trends move more slowly than changes in home designs, but there have been some subtle changes in the way we like to dress our windows and doors. Woven wood blinds and roman blinds will continue to be popular in 2022, especially among people who prefer aesthetics over strict functionality. White linen fabrics are starting to increase in popularity for a timeless minimalist look that goes with almost everything.

In the past, woven wood with thicker pieces of bamboo to make a visual statement were ‘on trend’, but if you want to take your reno in the right direction in 2022, keep in mind a shift toward smaller weave materials that offer a more delicate and refined look. Roman blinds, hessian looking fabrics and beige linen continue to be popular.

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Indoor Blind and Home Design Trends 2022


Shutters: A touch of timeless Elegance!

Shutters have been around for eons and still don’t go out of fashion. Why? Because they’re classy, adaptable and can transform a plain space into a WOW factor. An ideal addition to a renovation where you’re ready to take a space to a whole new level of luxury, comfort and class with a relaxed, coastal vibe. Shutters also provide better light control than curtains and a wonderful control over breeze flow, often adding value to your renovated property.

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At Factory Direct Shutters and Blinds, we’ve helped thousands of people make the right choice for their homes. If you’re stuck and unsure which shutters or blinds are best for your lounge room or any other room in the house, book an in-home consultation with us today or call us on 1300 077 125.