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Do Shutters and Blinds Need to Match your Décor?

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If you’re renovating or redesigning your home deciding whether your shutters or blinds need to match your décor is an important part of the process. Likewise, deciding which décor to colour match your shutters and blinds could spell the difference between a cool, calm and inviting room or an absolute eyesore. Taking the time to get it right is worthwhile.

Here, we explore a few ways of colour matching to consider before you dive into purchasing and installing new window dressings.

Matching With Wall Colour

You may have walls with a wonderful colour scheme. Matching your window shutters or blinds can help create a seamless look between them. Another option is to select the same colour, but a few shades lighter in tone to help the shutter or blind fade into the background rather than to be a feature. Flip this around if you prefer the shutter or blind to be the hero!

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Matching Flooring or Other Fixtures

Picture this: you’ve just had your kitchen and living room renovated and your cabinets and flooring look amazing. One way to tie the room together is by carrying the colours of the permanent fixtures through to your blinds.

Alternatively, match your blinds to other accessories in your home such as cushions, books, accent chairs and rugs. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, rather than matching the colours exactly, consider selecting a different tone or shade in the same colour family. Take a look at our round up of these experts’ top tips for selecting blinds for your home.

Matching with Other Shutters or Blinds

While it is not essential that all blinds in the house match, if you are looking for a more linked effect, you may like to consider ensuring your blinds match, particularly when seen from the outside. If your home’s façade is symmetrical, it could be worth considering using matching blinds on all front facing windows.

Matching with Room or Window Trim 

This is a really simple option and helps complement a classic design style. Blinds that match window trim and/or moulding cause the windows to fade into the background, allowing the focal point of your room to be whatever design feature you decide. This look won’t be going out of style any time soon so it could be just what you are looking for.

By the way, there are several variants of white. Some warmer undertones to them while others are cool. It’s worthwhile getting some colour samples you like and holding them up to your walls in different light conditions to check the fit.

What about the Texture of Your Shutters and Blinds?

The texture of your shutter or blind can make a big difference to the overall look and feeling in a room. Depending on the type of material or fabric you choose for your shutters or blinds, you may be able to mix and match colours. Grab some samples and experiment with texture.

Consider Timber and Natural Fibre Products

If you’re considering natural fibre and timber shutters and blinds, these neutral tones work with most colour combinations. It’s best to go with a warm tone for your décor or walls when working with natural fibre and timber blinds.

Working with Contrasting Colours

Selecting a vibrant colour for your window dressings is sure to bring a modern feel to any space and if you prefer a modern design, a pop of colour could be exactly what a neutral room needs to take it to the next level.

However, if you prefer a more classic style, keeping things monotone is best.. A beautiful dark shutter in an all-white or neutral space can create high contrast, which is exactly what a classic room often needs.

Knowing your personal style will impact on the colour and style of the shutters or blinds you choose. Take some time to investigate what you like online or in magazines, so you can figure out exactly what design works best for you.

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