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Are Motorised Blinds a Good Idea?

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Unlike traditional installations of shutters and blinds, automation offers greater levels of convenience with no cords to get tangled up, modern designs and weather-sensitive sensors able to take action and put your blinds up or down without you needing to think about it. Motorised blinds, shutters and awnings are clean and elegant in appearance and include added functions, which complement your home’s interior design. There are now more choices in custom design to fit most window and door types with increased safety for children and the ability to boost your home’s energy efficiency, while also enhancing security and privacy. Here, we look at some of the common questions we get asked about installing motorised blinds and their key features.

Can you Make Existing Blinds Motorised?

Yes, in many cases you can motorise your existing blinds. Retrofit kits are available to turn manual blinds into motorised ones. The installation process usually involves mounting the motor and control system onto the existing blind.

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Do Motorised Blinds need to be Plugged In?

Motorised blinds are typically hard-wired in but the option of using rechargeable batteries to power the blinds is also available. Motorised blinds have ducting installed up top above where the blind fixture is installed. A battery fits above this and connects to a motor for power. If you're concerned about the look of your motorised blinds, batteries are the most elegant option, as their placement makes them less noticeable.

How are Motorised Blinds Powered and Operated?

The blinds are operated by an electric motor which can be powered by hard-wiring the installation or with disposable or rechargeable batteries. You can operate the window coverings using wall-mounted touch control pads, remote controls or an App on your smartphone or tablet/laptop.

How Long do Batteries Last in Motorised Blinds?

Motorised blinds which are connected to your home’s mains system and operated with a smart phone could last forever if they don't have any mechanical damages. For battery-powered blinds you will need to replace batteries about every five years.

How Often do Motorised Blinds Need to be Recharged?

Fear not, you don't need to charge your motorised blind batteries as often as your phone. Our smart shades only need to be recharged about every 6 months, depending on how often you raise and lower them.

How Long do Motorised Blinds Last?

Motorised blinds last about 5 to10 years on average, depending on often you are using your blinds and weather conditions.

Are Motorised Blinds Noisy?

Our motorised blinds are whisper quite, but if you are unsure ask us about a demonstration. Automated blinds come in a range of options and installation types. Be careful about buying electric blinds only to find out they're not what you expected.

Why Choose Motorised Blinds?

Investing in electric blinds can help you protect your home’s interiors as you can adjust the amount of light entering a room automatically. Just set the electric window blinds to adjust and lower at key times of day when the sun is at its highest for example so you can provide shade to protect furniture and floors and adjust the internal temperature.

Motorised blinds come with the option of automatic sensors, motion sensors and wind sensors for maximum convenience. The sensor operates your blinds, shutters or awnings as the weather dictates giving you peace of mind if a storm or harsh weather conditions roll in while you are not at home.

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What is the Maximum Width of Motorised Blinds?

The maximum fabric width for most roller blind fabrics is 3 metres. This means a standard sliding door can have automated blinds installed without any problem.

Whether its motorised roller blinds controlled with a handheld remote control for your bedroom, or a 16-channel remote control running a range of automation for awnings and blinds throughout your home, we have what you are looking for. Style and convenience at your fingertips!

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